Paris nightlife


Paris is often called the city that never sleeps. And indeed it is. The nightly entertainment of the French capital is notable for its richness, variety and festive atmosphere. What should lovers of fun have to pay attention to at night?

Famous nightlife in Paris

Of course, one of the most famous nightlife in Paris is the Moulin Rouge cabaret. Guests are invited to many hours of enchanting performance with brilliant special effects and vivid show, which uses about 1000 dazzling costumes. However, chic outfits shine not only on the stage, but also in the hall, crowded with dressed men and beauties of the Paris escort service category in luxurious evening dresses.

French is not experiencing the slightest shortage of nightclubs and a wide variety of concepts, styles and trends. One of the most remarkable is Le Batofar, located on the ship, which, in turn, also serves as a beacon. Each of the compartments (or rather, the compartments) of the ship is adapted for different purposes. There is a dance floor in the engine room, a spacious bar on the captain’s bridge, and a lounge area in the cabin.

However, in Paris, plenty of other interesting nightclubs. Among the most noteworthy are the following:

    • Rex Club, which has a spacious dance floor and offers a variety of musical styles and trends;

    • L`Etoile, which specializes in a variety of theme parties and is a bizarre mix of a variety of styles;

    • VIP Room, decorated in an elegant Baroque style and famous for its public - celebrities, wealthy, luxurious enchantresses of the class VIP escort ladies and other respectable and successful people.

But Paris at night offers its guests not only shows and dances.

Night Tours in Paris

Those who prefer to spend the night a little quieter, waiting for a very interesting excursion offers, designed for every taste and budget. Car tour allows for a short time to explore all the famous sights of Paris in a short time with maximum comfort.

And the thematic campaign “Cursed Paris”, for example, introduces guests to the bloody secrets of the Louvre, the house of a watchmaker who lived 700 years, a medical student who had fun spending ghost nights and other mystical or joking stories.