A variety of methods of movement in Paris

Surprisingly, the capital of France, unlike most other European countries, offers tourists and its own inhabitants a wide variety of ways of transport movement.


Let the Paris subway be inferior to the famous London - both in construction time and in surroundings - in this subway you can easily meet a gentleman dressed in a suit of impeccable quality and accompanying his incredible beauty top-models escort Paris , from whose smile any person has eyes begin to sparkle joyful sparks. Moreover, the Paris subway is designed in such a way that for a very affordable price you can see almost all the famous sights. Of course - on the go and "panoramic". But - quite budget.


As is customary in almost every developed country of the so-called European Community, environmental issues in France represent a special area of ​​attention. And this concerns not only representatives of the Government of the Republic, ministers and officials, but also ordinary citizens. That is why in the very heart of Paris it is impossible to meet a bus desperately churning with the exhaust gases of recycled diesel fuel.

In the very center of the French capital, oddly enough, trams run. And, going into this seemingly anachronistic vehicle, you can get incredible sensations:

• absolutely silent tram, in the cabin of which a luxurious lady of the category top-class escorts Paris , dressed in an incredibly beautiful evening dress, can feel comfortably;

• total absence of traffic jams and guaranteed adherence to the schedule, regardless of the time of day.

• immersion in the unique atmosphere of the very Parisian streets, about which for centuries they composed verses and composed songs.

But there is one more specific Parisian type of transport ...


Actually, if we talk about France as a whole, there is no need for any notes here. One name "Tour de France" is worth something! The world's most famous, famous and popular cycling race traditionally finishes on the Champs Elysees.

Is it any wonder that many Parisians prefer to pedal, deliberately rejecting the fire-breathing mechanical monsters who are able and willing to poison their city, which means - their own life? It is not without reason that every self-respecting hotel, restaurant or boutique necessarily has a very comfortable cycle parking.