Beauties of Paris

France by no means at all times personified the height of perfection, sophistication and grandeur. There were times when the “Heart of Europe” (as the territory of the former Gaul was sometimes called), and especially Paris, was not a magnificent center of civilization. By the way, about the “heart”: the Sacre-Coeur Basilica is dedicated to him. And specifically, to the heart of Christ.

This is now Montmartre is heard by every inhabitant of the planet, from whatever country he may be. Today Escort model Paris are highly recommended to wealthy tourists to visit such a magnificent landmark. But there was a time when Montmartre Hill was almost settlements, a kind of exclusion zone where pigs grazed, and wild grapes mixed with weeds grew. Since then, one of the famous shrines of the entire Christian world has been counting its history.

It so happened historically that in the last quarter of the 19th century (yes, the history of the temple is not as ancient as it might seem) the whole Catholic world, and France - to the greatest extent - experienced a number of shocks:

• the crushing defeat of the French in the war with Prussia;

• The “bloody week" of the Paris Commune and the Troubles that followed these events;

• The general decline in the authority of the church, which reached the capture of the Pope.

Against the background of all these events, the wealthy husbands of Paris and church leaders had the idea of ​​erecting a monumental church as an atonement for sins for which God was angry. And the desert hill of Montmartre was chosen as the construction site. So the almost pagan desire to appease the gods became the starting point for creating a man-made miracle.

The miracle is that today Montmartre is the iconic dominant of the French capital. This area was chosen by artists, musicians, representatives of various creative professions. Moreover, if you visit Paris accompanied by professional and at the same time charming guides of the Escorts VIP Paris class, they will not fail to be proud to note that Sacre Coeur competes in height with the other greatest symbol of the city - the Eiffel Tower.

It goes without saying that the current temple does not offer guests discos, restaurants, hookah and shopping centers. But already at the foot of a hill, any person takes their breath away from the monumentality and incredible beauty of the structure. Even a not-so-faithful person at least for a while experiences a sense of reverence. Moreover, 247 steps lead to the basilica itself.

True, a funicular is provided for wealthy tourists, which will deliver to the “Heart of Christ” in two and a few minutes. Nevertheless, even this way of visiting will not leave anyone indifferent. Perhaps the interior decoration, mosaic and stained glass windows will not impress anyone, although it will be very difficult to find such a person. But even if he is alive, he will have unforgettable impressions. Just because of the view that opens from a specially equipped viewing platform!