Chic walk

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France will welcome you with open arms, so take full advantage of its hospitality.

Everyone knows that there are a huge variety of architectural monuments and simply unique places here. And in order to contemplate all of them, it would take you a couple of years. Therefore, do not grab onto everything at once. And in principle, there are enough ways to spend your leisure time and be sure that precious minutes will not be lost in vain.

We advise you to see the following: The Eiffel Tower (one of the most visited and recognizable architectural objects in the world worthy of attention); Palace of Versailles (a chic and rather young palace and park complex, which previously served as a residence for nobles and kings); Cote d'Azur (the best option for a passive vacation, allowing you to enjoy incredible views and soak up the sea coast) and more.

Dune Saw will amaze you with its grandeur. When viewing the photo, it may seem that it is located somewhere far away in the Sahara Desert. It is considered to be the largest sand dune in all of Europe. And it is located just an hour and a half from Bordeaux! They climb it on foot, or use a special ladder. An incredible view opens up from above, which bewitches everyone without exception. The Atlantic Ocean and Arcachon Gulf are visible in all their glory.

Also visit Provence. It is known not only for famous shops with various kinds of perfumes and a special architectural style, but also for lavender fields. Oh, how fascinating are these picturesque landscapes, dazzling with bright colors and pleasing to the eye.

Cabaret is a property of the French and one of the favorite places to come here. An exciting performance with the participation of beautiful dancers, brightly and tastefully discharged, in addition to modern lighting effects and decorations, does not leave anyone indifferent. One of the most popular is the Moulin Rouge.

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