Classification of Parisian catering

In addition to the honored titles of the world capital of fashion, art and culture, Paris also has one more regalia - the title of the center of world culinary. Famous gastronomic delights throughout France can be tasted precisely in the capital of the country.

The number of catering here is really amazing. And this applies not only to fashionable restaurants, which are visited by men in expensive suits and dazzling beauties of the Paris call girls class with radiant smiles in elegant evening dresses. In the French capital, there are more than 1,000 coffee shops, bistros and bars alone. Of course, depending on the class of the restaurant, the prices on the menu and the range of dishes on offer vary.

Street catering enterprises and branded summer bistro cafes occupy the most democratic niche. Here you can quite inexpensive and tasty snack. Unlike many other European capitals, Parisian fast food is distinguished by the high quality of its food. In addition, here the buyer will offer not only notebook burgers, but also works of local cuisine.

This is the Parisian analogue of self-service canteens. Of course, they are difficult to compare with establishments with Michelin stars, but they also have their undeniable advantages:

    • affordable price level;

    • a wide choice of dishes;

    • opportunity to spend time in a democratic cozy atmosphere.

Points of this type are the favorite places of local students, representatives of the beau monde and tourists who have a modest budget.

The most massive sector of Parisian catering. Many of the institutions of this class offer a very good-quality cuisine, unique interiors and a high level of service. There are many thematic sites and enterprises of the HoReCa segment that are well-known throughout the world, especially located in the city center. The audience here is going to the most diverse, and the price level can vary quite significantly among themselves.

Places where you can easily meet world celebrities, charming charmer women from elite girls escorts agencies, successful businessmen and even representatives of royal blood. These restaurants have 4 or 5 Michelin stars, offering their guests exceptionally exquisite gourmet cuisine and absolutely impeccable service. But prices in such elite places can be truly exorbitant.