Cultural program in Paris

In the heart of the legendary Parisian Tuileries Garden is the art gallery Jeu de Paume. It was founded in 1909, when a grandiose luxurious building was erected on the site of a former tennis court, which almost immediately became a cultural landmark of the city.

This gallery is popular today. The most real masterpieces of world art are exhibited in luxurious furnishings and chic interiors. Visitors match them. The gallery enjoys great success both among ordinary tourists and among the so-called "cream of society":

• members of governments of various states and prominent politicians;

• famous personalities from the world of cinema, show business, art;

• politicians and businessmen, accompanied by beauties of the escort luxe Paris class, sparkling with dazzling outfits.

All this audience once again emphasizes the luxury and splendor of this unique place.

Of course, the main value of the Jeu de Paume art gallery lies not in the beauty of the interiors and wall decoration, but in the works of art on display. The gallery is especially proud of its extensive collection of paintings by the Impressionists from various countries and periods. But among the exhibits of the gallery are not only paintings.

Art photographs, video installations, and other works of contemporary art deserve no less attention. Even Parisians, spoiled by an abundance of museums, galleries and exhibitions, love to visit Jaet de Pom, not to mention tourists from all over the world.

The aesthetics and grace of this place attracts the aristocratic elite. The halls are full of expensive suits and chic ladies' outfits. It is customary here to appear in public in all its splendor! Single men mostly appear accompanied by dazzling beauties of the high class Paris escorts, which is considered good form.

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And all this diverse range of services is provided at a very reasonable cost. In the company of such a dazzling beauty, a visit to the Jeu de Paume art gallery will become many times more pleasant, leaving indelible impressions and unforgettable emotions!