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Majestic and unshakable Paris has plenty to do! Moreover, such a couple! You won't be bored together. There is no most noteworthy travel time here. After all, every season of the year will give its unforgettable emotions and impressions.

You can drop by some cozy restaurant and have yourself a “belly party”. Savor local delicacies with a glass of delicious wine and live French music. All this breathes romance. And the beauty sitting opposite will tempt you, drilling with her ardent look.

See the sights of which there are many The main thing is to follow a clear plan to avoid the crowds of tourists. You don't need a crush. I would like to calmly walk and talk in such a wonderful company. This is not the place for a guide either, because your companion herself is able to tell everything, describing it in bright colors. Of course, visit the following locations: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Montmartre, Ile de la Cité, Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Center Georges Pompidou, Opera Garnier, Palace of Versailles, Conciergerie and more. For the most variety, check out the Red Light District. A large number of cabarets will welcome you. Common among them is the Moulin Rouge.

Nightlife is also in full swing here. Many clubs give their guests a great opportunity to listen to the music of the most popular styles. They often host dance evenings, where experienced masters teach beginner dancers. A large selection of refreshing cocktails at the bar will be a pleasant addition.

The casino will also be an interesting option for leisure. It will gladly open its doors for you and allow you to play a little naughty with passion. In general, decide for yourself how you spend your time.

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