Entertainment for the elite

Nowadays, the Moulin Rouge cabaret has become one of the hallmarks of Paris: without visiting the famous cabaret, you will not be able to fully understand what the French capital is. This is a place of eternal celebration, fun with sparkling champagne, colorful costumes, where the heady spectacle is so exciting that you lose touch with the real world. Everything around is immersed in an atmosphere of carelessness and fun.

In Moulin Rouge, it is customary to come to a performance in a queue. When booking and buying tickets seats are not indicated. This is a cabaret trend!

Expensive champagne glasses sparkle with dazzling glitter on the table. The waiter immediately brings expensive champagne with ice. Please note that every detail in the room creates the feeling of an extraordinary celebration.

Inexpressible atmosphere reigns! Spectators, in anticipation of a bright enchanting action, gradually take their places at small tables lit by the bright red rays of fashionable lampshades.

When the show begins, something breathtaking happens! This must be seen live. Two hours of performance will fly by in one breath.

Take a chic girl from escort de luxe in a luxurious dress with you, and you will be completely delighted for the whole evening. Two hours of paradise aesthetic pleasure.

Forget about all the problems, the atmosphere of celebration and fun reigns here. Great dance performance, chic costumes with feathers, rhinestones and sparkles, luxurious scenery, ponies, talking dog, a large aquarium and a huge vibrant python!

The Moulin Rouge has gorgeous girls with excellent choreographic training and a dazzling smile. At the end of the show is the famous cancan.

And another plus is the red light district. After the performance, take your time home, walk along this street, next to the cabaret building. You will find many interesting things there. This street is dedicated to sex shop shopping, there are many of them, look into one of them with one of the beauties of Paris escort ladies, it will help you to get something unusual to enjoy all night.