Facts about Paris

In all parts of the world, even in the most God-forgotten backwoods, Paris is known for its numerous titles, which mainly include the following:

    • world center of history and culture;

    • fashion capital;

    • a city with the most romantic atmosphere;

    • Mecca for fans of gastronomic delights.

But not only this leads to the capital of France world celebrities, showbiz stars and the richest people in the world, accompanied by the incredible beauty of the Paris escort service class charmers, shining with radiant smiles and stunning outfits. There is something else in Paris.

Numerous tourists are attracted to the City of Love and some other attractions. Few people know, but the French capital boasts the reputation of the holder of several rather unusual records and achievements:

    • one of the most visited places in the world (about 45 million guests annually);

    • the largest concentration of hotels with official 5-star Michelin certificate (over 50);

    • about 470,000 trees located in different areas, which makes this city one of the “greenest” in Europe;

    • more than 1,100 bars and about 1,800 private bakeries, distinguished by their democratic atmosphere and affordable prices, not to mention more than 200 bistros, where you can enjoy the legendary Parisian espresso for only € 1.

In addition, there are over 70 world-class museums. And it is in the Paris suburbs that the only analogue of American Disneyland in Europe is located.

Is it any wonder that it is precisely Paris that tourists from all over the world are most eager to visit? This city is an ideal place, which allows, as they say, "and to see others and show themselves." Only here in the center of the city one can easily face up to face the faces of royal families, the richest Arab sheikhs, famous stars.

Next to respectable gentlemen, accompanied by flawless wives or gorgeous girls from agencies of the category Paris escort ladies, quite ordinary citizens from different countries of the world stroll here, whose clothes do not shine with bright labels and do not shout about the financial status of their owner.

In this regard, the main city of the Fifth Republic once again emphasizes its historical mission, observing the status of the Republican capital. And given the well-deserved titles, which were discussed at the very beginning, the reasons for its attractiveness, attractiveness and alluring magic of this place become obvious.