Glass tears of Paris

Paris looks amazing in the spring. Already in April, this city enchants not only its residents, but also numerous tourists from all over the world. But sometimes it happens - the capital of France will burst into gray rain. But even these tears to the city, as they say, “to face”.

It is hard to imagine the Champs-Elysées, in which queens, ministers, stars of show business, beauties from elite agencies of the top-class escorts Paris category and simply famous people walk slowly along. You can imagine the Eiffel Tower, where the very same people enjoy the gastronomic delights of fine dining. Incredibly, you can put yourself in the place of an ordinary Parisian who sits in a bistro, slowly drinking coffee, eating - no, not brandy, no - a croissant.

In many French cities, especially in the southern part of the country, there is a very kind and hospitable tradition, according to which people put tables, chairs, and sometimes even very expensive chairs. It should be understood that heavy cyclones do not bypass the sky of France either - there are thunderstorms, and showers, and lightning.

It's amazing how the French call the thunderstorm in early May. They, for some reason, the water falling from heaven, brings warmth. That is what they call the April and May rain.

There is such a thing - to go to Paris in the spring. It is at this time that elite tourists come there. And they can be understood, because they get a lot of obvious advantages that are not available to ordinary tourists, crowds flooding these places in the so-called "high season". Royals enjoy the following benefits:

    • silence and small number of incomprehensible tourists;

    • an intelligent audience consisting of educated gentlemen, their raised wives and children, and in the worst case, mind-blowing beauties of the category top-models escort Paris:

    • an incredible level of service, absolutely impeccable service and, of course, the completely legendary entourage.

There is a concept that plays the role of a beautiful legend. No, it turns out, in Paris cold rain. Whatever rain it does in the City of Romantic - it will always be warm.

It is quite possible that this is the case: even in any hotel, in any weather, the glass is waiting for its guests. And crying simply because guests are in no hurry to return. Absolutely in any weather, even despite the fact that the city is in a swamp ...