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France is a country of fulfilled dreams and the most formidable revolutions, passionate love and endless hatred. Here unimaginable things happen and opposites attract. Hardly in any other country you can find such a romantic and love-filled corner that is ready to accept everyone. All streets here are filled with a special atmosphere that has long inspired the greatest people.

The deserved pride of this country is Paris. It is full of all sorts of interesting places and sights. For example: Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Montmartre, Ile de la Cité, Opera Garnier, Champs Elysees, Louvre and more. Each of you should definitely visit these wonderful places and enjoy them. Which we advise you too.

Also try French cuisine. She is in the lead and deserves a round of applause. In another way, it is a gastronomic paradise. No other country has shown such attention to food as here. Traditional cuisine is distinguished by a huge variety of flavor combinations, a clear selection of ingredients and a unique cooking technology. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, it will always be an explosive extravaganza.

Therefore, look into any famous restaurant and taste the delicacies, spoiling yourself with a glass of sparkling wine. We advise the following: oysters; cheese slices; foie gras; onion soup; frog legs; bouillabaisse (Marseilles ear); croissants; cock in wine and stuff. The main thing is that the French always use fresh produce. Their adherence to the rules cannot be taken away from them.

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