History of Paris

It is not easy for modern man to believe that Paris was once a real backwater. Today, luxury cars are driving around the streets of the capital of France, and in 5-star restaurants, world-famous celebrities in the society of beauties of the category Paris call girls, whose dazzling smile is a perfect match for chic, try dishes of fine cuisine. But such a city was not always.

Roman history

The history of Paris is rooted in antiquity. According to historical sources, the capital of France was founded at a time when France itself, as a single state, did not exist at all.

Moreover, Paris was not founded by the French. And not even their ancestors Gauls. The official version says that in 52 BC, this city was founded by the Romans. And in this event took the most direct participation of the famous Guy Julius Caesar.

It is also curious that at first Paris had a completely different name - Lutetia. What loosely translated means \"puddle\" or \"swamp\". And only in 358 from the birth of Christ, a small settlement at that time received the Latin name “Civitas Parisorium”, that is, the city of Parisis. After some time, such an elaborate name changed to a much simpler \"Parisium\". And already during the Middle Ages, the city received the current name.

Prerequisites for the rapid development of the city

Despite the fact that during its foundation, Paris was considered to be a deep province, the Romans who founded it laid the foundation for which the French capital reached today\'s heights of grandeur.

It was the ancient Romans who ennobled the settlement on the banks of the Seine. In the best traditions of the most civilized people of the ancient world, they erected the following buildings in the city:

• traditional baths, called terms;

• stone buildings of governors and local nobility;

• An entire system of water supply and sanitation, including famous aqueducts and canals.

Due to this, today Paris is considered one of the most comfortable for living capitals of Europe. More evidence of this is the highest percentage of respectable gentlemen in the society of models from agencies of the class escorts Paris, which can easily be found at literally every step.

Neither the Romans, nor the Gauls, nor the Franks could even suggest such a thing. In this sense, the capital of the Fifth Republic resembles the plot of a Cinderella tale. Only in this case we are not talking about a person, but about a city that has turned from a provincial backwater into one of the tourist, cultural, and historical gems of the world.