Ile de France: the very heart of Paris

Yes, of course, here at every step you can meet world celebrities - popular actors, royals, billionaires and accompanying beauties of the VIP Paris escort class, blinding everyone they meet with an incredibly radiant smile. The famous Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe - here are just a few legends of Paris. But how did the secrets, legends and secrets of this city begin?

Few people know that Paris is counting its history from a small island formed by the confluence of three rivers:

less famous Marne;

It is because of these landscape features and the island of Ile-de-France appeared. A very small piece of land among the periodic spills of a fairly deep river was noticed by the Ancient Romans, who called this area Luzitania. What is loosely translated in their language is identical to such terms as “puddle” or “swamp”. These enlightened representatives of the ancient world would know that this “island” would survive them by 2,000 years.

After the fall of Roman rule, Paris became one of the centers of world civilization. But, unlike many other European cities, the Parisians did not allow themselves to treat the island, which, after many centuries, became a symbol of their national identity as a tourist attraction.

Well, if only because for any Frenchman this island is a kind of amulet, a symbol, soul and heart of his beloved city. Yes, there are office buildings there, the cost of rent in which reaches some astronomical values. Yes, there is a skyscraper there (which, incidentally, is only 26th in the world). And its name is very characteristic: Paris Tower. Parisians and those who consider themselves residents of the French capital consider ile-de-France a kind of guardian angel.