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How wonderful it is that in the modern world everything is automated and you can make a new fascinating acquaintance without leaving your home or somewhere far away on a business trip. In the second example, there will definitely not be time for this. You can choose exactly where to apply, but we will be happy to offer our services.

Top-class escorts Paris is the best there can be. And we are not afraid of such loud statements, because we are confident in the quality of the services provided. After all, we value and appreciate everyone who turns to us. Applicants for your location are one more beautiful than the other. And some of them will soon become your special one.

What can surprise you with the most romantic city in the universe? In addition to world-famous locations, here you can find a considerable number of interesting hidden places to explore, find original sculptures in quiet streets and stroll through colorful markets in search of unique goods.

Also take a look at French cuisine. It is distinguished by its variety and daring combination of flavors. Sauces are served to any of the dishes. The French have invented a great many of them. The most complex and incredible masterpieces are created from the simplest products.

Here's the basic rule. Be sure to try the following: frog legs (similar to chicken in aroma); croissants; duck confit; cassoulet (stew with meat and beans); consommé (beef or chicken broth. It is strong in itself, but clarified); ratatouille; fondue (cheese or chocolate); truffles (a delicious type of mushroom); onion soup; crepes (crunchy thin pancakes) and all sorts of other delicacies.

What to do here? That's the question! Of course, visit popular locations and attractions. The girl will devote you to all the subtleties and advise only exciting. We have prepared for you a small, but rather fascinating list: the Eiffel Tower (the lazy one just did not hear about it, because it is the leader of the rating), the Louvre (an art museum located on the right bank of the Seine river), Tuileries Garden (incredible and free park in the first arrondissement), Champs Elysees,

Place de la Concorde (an architectural monument in the style of classicism. Built at the end of the eighteenth century), Arc de Triomphe (fifty meter monument), Conciergerie (former royal palace and prison), Montmartre (the highest point of the town height 130 meters) and so on.

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