Jewelry stores in Paris

At the same time, several leading European and overseas world capitals wage an unofficial fight for the title of the world center for jewelry. This competition has been going on for over a hundred years.

What did the world's leading brands not undertake during this time! As a result, through a fair (and sometimes not entirely honest) competition, a certain pool of countries and trademarks with an impeccable reputation was formed.

The list of leading powers that traditionally hold the palm in the production and sale of high-end jewelry creations has been formed for a long time and earnestly defends itself on all fronts. It includes a very limited number of states. And one of them, of course, is France.

Nowadays, the capital of France has somewhat lost that gloss, gorgeous brilliance and incredible luxury, which it was famous for some 150 years ago. Italian and Swiss jewelers, British and Dutch masters could significantly press local producers. Moreover, overseas countries and regions today are a significant competition to the French:

    • USA;

    • Japan;

    • Near East.

Nevertheless, the acquisition of jewelry in the jewelry boutiques of Paris remains a constant fashion among successful people who adhere to traditional views. It is here that the Arab sheikhs, the representatives of royal blood, world stars, respectable gentlemen, who gladly consult the irresistible beauties of world-class Paris VIP escort and wealthy couples from all over the world, acquire luxury items.

The question naturally arises: why is it customary to come to Paris for luxury jewelry? Oddly enough, the answer is quite simple. The fact is that almost all famous jewelry houses have French roots anyway.

The most patriotic brand, of course, can be called the world famous brand Cartier, which professes true patriotism. Very many luxurious ladies and gentlemen, successful businessmen, show business stars and compelling Paris escort models prefer products and accessories of this particular line, which inherited the best traditions of the Renaissance Epoch, Faberge works, products that absorbed the unique atmosphere of the City of Romance and Love. But there are still such prestigious brands as Lalique, Boucheron and some others.

However, tolerance in almost all its manifestations is very characteristic of Paris. Along with national pride jewelry boutiques, the boutiques of the American company Tiffany, the English house of Boucheron, the Italian works of Buccellati, the original Japanese products of Mikimoto, and so on side by side.

In one of the many jewelry stores you can pick up a product of not less famous names that is much more affordable. Being sure that this is not a fake.

Among the jewelry boutiques of Paris, there is practically no confrontation, apart from healthy competition. After all, French jewelers know from where and thanks to whom this unique, expensive and unique art originated. That is why knowledgeable people come to Paris for real jewels.