Legendary Parisian restaurant

The chronicles, which there is no reason to mistrust, claim that the "Silver Tower" (Tour d'Argent) dates back to 1582. Thus, this is the very first catering establishment! In any case, with regard to Europe. True, at the time of its inception, this place was a cross between an inn and an inn. But his story is worthy of the pen of Alexander Dumas himself!

By the way, he was here. Like Honore de Balzac, and German Chancellor Otto Bismarck, and other historical figures. Is it any wonder that today the most elite audience from all over the world is striving to get into this legendary restaurant, which modestly calls itself "cafe" (this is the specificity of the French language):

• aristocrats and representatives of the royal courts;

• famous politicians, ministers, members of governments of various states;

• eminent figures of cinema, show business, sports;

• bankers and successful businessmen in expensive suits, often accompanied by sponsor battalions of elite escorts Paris beauties in dazzling outfits.

Of course, entry to Tour d'Argent is by no means booked for ordinary tourists. But, firstly, only wealthy people can afford to visit this restaurant. And secondly, due to the huge number of people who wish, tables in the institution are booked several months in advance.

It may seem incredible, but all the same historical chronicles claim that it was in the "Silver Tower" that the custom was born to use a fork when eating! And the restaurant itself deserves the most excellent words! The interior decoration is designed in an impeccable classic style, emphasizing the refined luxury of the establishment.

True, this style had to be restored anew as a result of the Great French Revolution. After the capture of the nearby Bastille, the heated revolutionaries did not spare the restaurant that seemed too "bourgeois" to them.

The level of service and maintenance meets the highest international standards. The menu is more focused on Mediterranean cuisine. Well, the most unique feature of the restaurant is, of course, the numbered stuffed duck. Each of them is assigned a serial number, and the name of the guest who ordered it is in all seriousness entered into a special register.

It is not surprising that they do not come here alone. Accompanying the gorgeous beauty of the Paris girls escorts class easily solves this problem! Dazzling appearance, impeccable manners, a radiant smile - all this is not only pleasant in itself, but also raises the status of prestige!

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