Luxury companion

The legendary Sofitel occupies a special place among the many luxurious Parisian luxury hotels. Now part of the worldwide network consortium Baltimore Group, this establishment has long gone far beyond the hotel sector. Of course, the main function of Sofitel is to receive guests of the capital of France at the highest level - this can hardly surprise guests of Paris. But this institution also has very remarkable features.

For a long time, this hotel complex has become one of the main cultural and entertainment points of the French capital. Becoming a real mecca for fans of culture, history, art values, connoisseurs of glamor and glossy pathos.

It is not for nothing that it is in this hotel, with its amazingly chic interior decoration and located in the very center of the French capital, that you can meet elite representatives of the most diverse strata of the population of the planet Earth:

monarchs and members of governments of various countries;

actors, athletes, famous bloggers, media stars

bankers, businessmen, fine-looking men, accompanied by the incredible beauty of the escort luxe Paris enchantresses who shine with irresistible smiles and breathtaking outfits.

Not to mention ordinary tourists who can afford a fairly rich vacation.

The fact is that Sofitel is not just a hotel in the classical sense. This is a purely unique French exclusive, which combines the most incomprehensible. For example, here you can stay in a room, the interior and furnishings of which make the guest feel like a royal person of the 18th century.

At the same time, use plasma, free Wi-Fi, a luxurious minibar and other benefits of modern civilization. And in the hotel restaurant you can order a gourmet cuisine dish or ask for a trivial hamburger. Both will be amazingly tasty. Well, the end of the evening can be spent looking at the paintings, enjoying the installations of young actors, musicians, artists.

The decor of the rooms of this hotel is simply breathtaking! Royal luxury and incredible chic will shock you for a while. But not only this has earned the Sofitel Baltimore hotel in Paris world-wide fame and an impeccable reputation.

There are no and cannot be curious views of journalists here - the professional security service closely follows this. It is not customary to get to know each other obsessively in corridors, elevators, restaurants - this is how the guest's movement patterns are built. Here, a single traveler who has used the professional services of Paris girls escorts will never be asked unnecessary or inappropriate questions.

To get a feeling of complete security, the maximum level of comfort and a benevolent friend in another country - this, as they say in all languages ​​of the world, costs a lot. With us - absolutely inexpensive! But beautiful, prestigious and unforgettable! Pay attention to the girls who are presented in our catalog!

Returning to the legendary Parisian Hotel Sofitel, it should be noted that this is not even a hotel with a restaurant, bar and incredibly luxurious rooms. This is a kind of elite club, which is not open to everyone. Expensive, strict and aristocratic.

But the view from the most expensive room to the Eiffel Tower, absolutely impeccable level of service, incredible tact of the staff, unique cuisine, and even a charming companion nearby - isn't this the height of pleasure and a lot of impressions from visiting Paris?