Paris love story

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Most likely, everyone (and girls all the more) at least once dreamed of having lunch or dinner at the Eiffel Tower. So dreams sooner or later come true. This can be done in the restaurant 58 Eifel Tour and in the chic hotel Le Jules Verne. The queues here are cosmic, so book everything in advance. From any place on the famous turret, including from the “window” in its restaurants, divine views are opened.

On the one hand there will be a Field of Mars, amazing your imagination with its magnificent gardens. On the other hand, you can see the Seine river and the Trocadero gardens with majestic fountains and graceful sculptures. Just a sight for sore breath. In general, there are many sites from which a dizzying view opens.

Learn national cuisine. Taste the local delicacies. No wonder this country is considered a gastronomic paradise.

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