Paris of many faces

History and modernity

Paris is proud of its rich history. After all, the capital of France is one of the oldest cities in the world, founded in ancient times. But this does not mean that he froze in his stone grandeur, proud of his former achievements. On the contrary, life here boils in a variety of bright colors.

Yes, of course, Paris boasts a well-deserved reputation as the capital of fashion and glamor. The concentration of immaculately dressed men accompanied by charming beauties of the Paris escort girls class here exceeds the highest expectations. However, in addition to luxury and a large number of world stars, the French capital is, as they say, in step with the times.

Art and Culture

Anyone who is even slightly versed in matters of world cultural heritage perfectly understands the importance of Paris as a kind of repository of masterpieces. Even the one who has never been on the banks of the Seine, heard about a huge number of a variety of Parisian attractions:

• museums, exhibitions and galleries;

• historical places;

• monuments of architecture.

But not only the past lives the capital of the Fifth Republic. It is open to the newest trends and fashion trends. Here are regularly held concerts with the participation of artists of the most progressive and innovative areas. Sports competitions in extreme sports are held. A variety of flash mobs, promotions and installations occur.

But what to say - it was under Paris that the only analogue of American Disneyland in Europe was located! Which, by the way, overseas stars themselves enjoy visiting. However, the entrance there is available not only to wealthy people who are accompanied by dazzling companions of the Paris elite escorts category, but also to quite ordinary residents of the capital and guests of France from around the world.

Comfort and safety

In addition, Paris is one of the most comfortable and safe European capitals. Hospitable friendly people, developed transport and social infrastructure, a high degree of tolerance, almost flawless work of law enforcement agencies - all this further enhances the favorable impressions from visiting the Capital of Love.

The overall picture of comfort is complemented by the legendary French cuisine. As they say - for every taste and wallet. In Paris, you can visit the luxurious and very expensive restaurant to taste unique delicacies. And you can have a carefree time in one of the thousands of inexpensive bistros, enjoying the legendary Parisian coffee and, of course, unique croissants.