Parisian Casino Engen-les-Bains

Despite the fact that Paris is considered the world capital of chic and glamor, fans of gambling entertainment are waiting for a significant disappointment. The fact is that official French law prohibits the operation of gambling houses in the capital, allowing them to be placed exclusively in the resort areas of the country.

Therefore, unlike many other European capitals, in Paris you will not find grandiose and luxurious gaming establishments crammed with slot machines and tables, along which chic men in flawless costumes, accompanied by dazzling beauties from agencies of the Paris escort service class, model and celebrity scurry.

Pleasant exception

However, for fans of gambling in Paris still made an exception. In the suburban resort area of Engen, located just 14 kilometers from Paris, there is a casino Engen-les-Bains. He, as befits institutions of this type, characterized by elegance, chic and luxury.

Fans of gambling entertainment from around the world strive here. Moreover, the developed infrastructure allows you to feel at ease tourists of various ranks. Around the casino there are restaurants, hotels, sports and entertainment centers.

Casino program

Stylishly designed casino halls contribute to a pleasant pastime for your favorite game. Here you can easily meet world celebrities, photo models, movie stars, Arab sheikhs and charming ladies of the category Paris escort girls in luxurious evening dresses. The restaurant is open every day from 10:00 to 4 am and its halls are never empty. At the service of gambling and rich public are offered:

• over 450 different types of gaming machines;

• French and English types of roulette;

• poker tables for various types of this game;

• Blackjack and other card games.

In spite of the fact that a rather prim and pretentious atmosphere reigns in the gambling house of Engen-les-Bains, here you can also meet celebrities and a very rich public, and quite ordinary Parisians.

Thus, although Paris has lost its former reputation as one of the world\'s gaming capitals with the adoption of the relevant law several years ago, fans of gambling in the capital of France do not feel at all disadvantaged. Simply visit the casino Engen-les-Bains to get the most out of the game!