Pleasure is above all

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Everyone knows that there are a huge variety of architectural monuments and simply unique places here. And in order to contemplate all of them, it would take you a couple of years. Therefore, do not grab onto everything at once. And in principle, there are enough ways to spend your leisure time and be sure that precious minutes will not be lost in vain.

We advise you to see the following: The Eiffel Tower (one of the most visited and recognizable architectural sites in the world); Palace of Versailles (a chic and rather young palace and park complex, which previously served as a residence for kings) and so on. Because you can list it endlessly.

If you suddenly find yourself not having enough fun, go to the square in front of the Pompidou Center. This square is also lively at any time of the day. You will definitely see artists, musicians and singers here. In summer you can meet Mongolian throat singing specialists, and in winter Canadian clowns. In general, you will obviously not have to be bored.

And if you still want to spend your time in style, then you are in the right place. The choice of where to go at night depends only on you. But first on the list is Cabaret Moulin Rouge. Previously it served as a gourmet institution. But now it has become a popular stage with unique shows.

Don't forget that French cuisine deserves a round of applause. Therefore, be sure to try a delicious dish. The choice is great, even the eyes run in different directions. So trust the advice of your companion, or your intuition. In any case, you will not be mistaken, because here you will lick your fingers. Otherwise, we can say that nothing tastes better. Duck leg confit; layered croissants with a crispy crust and aromatic invigorating coffee; macaroons; rooster stewed in wine; onion soup - here it is an ingrained unchanging classic.

Escort de luxe will brighten up your stay, making it special. You are not alone, so this moment is bound to be unforgettable. It cannot be otherwise, because this city is full of beauty and history that will charm you once and for all.