The cost of rental housing in Paris

Despite the fact that even at the height of the high tourist season, the capital of France does not lack the availability of hotel rooms of various levels of comfort and cost, the relatively new fashion trend that is becoming popular among wealthy tourists is becoming increasingly obvious.

We are talking about renting housing, located both in the historic center of the city and on its outskirts. This method of placement provides many advantages.

Of course, as in any other city in the world, the cost of renting apartments is the higher, the closer they are to the center or to famous attractions. But in the case of the capital of France, there are a number of subtleties and nuances, the knowledge of which saves quite substantial financial resources.

Perhaps the most key factor that has a decisive influence on the cost of rental housing in the French capital is seasonality. Obviously, having arrived in Paris in the summer, the tourist is in any case forced to overpay.

And it does not depend on the thickness of the wallet, the choice of the area and whether the star of show business, a married couple or a successful businessman takes pictures of the living space, accompanied by dazzling beauty of the Paris escort class, glittering with luxurious outfits.

But, unlike a hotel room, apartment rental offers a number of quite obvious advantages:

    • no need to obey the internal regulations;

    • the ability to use the provided benefits and amenities absolutely at any time;

    • complete freedom of action, including visiting guests regardless of the time of day.

In addition, the ability to rent an apartment, which once lived a particular celebrity - another definite plus. That is why the modern fashion trend is the search for rental housing in the bohemian French quarters.

The most striking example is Montmartre. Here you can find comfortable accommodation, permeated with the romantic atmosphere of the legendary city, for a very reasonable price.

Of course, renting an apartment in the center of Paris is a very expensive pleasure. Therefore, as an alternative, more and more often foreign visitors are considering a suburb called La Defense.

This applies to celebrities, and wealthy couples, and respectable gentlemen in the company of charming companions of the category elite girls escorts, glittering with dazzling outfits and smiles.

This suburb of the French capital is considered to be the center of business life not only in France, but also in the whole of Europe. Here most of the capital's skyscrapers are concentrated, there are many business centers, hotels and restaurants.

Of course, here without any difficulty you can choose to rent a living room, as they say, for every taste and budget. Despite the fact that prices per square meter are much lower than in metropolitan quarters with the same impeccable level of comfort.