The many faces of Montparnasse

Until then, the only \\\"attraction\\\" was a shapeless mountain of garbage. The young boys from the Latin Quarter, who came here for creative meetings and poetry contests, jokingly called this pyramid dump “Parnassus”. So the name of the conglomerate appeared, which has now grown to gigantic proportions.

It is today Montparnasse is considered one of the most fashionable areas, despite its distance from the center. Here you can easily meet famous actors, incredibly beautiful girls of the category escort Paris, persons of royal blood and just held people. And once this region, lost on the southern approaches to the capital, dragged on a rather hard existence.

    • literary clubs, bars and cafes, at a price affordable even for students;

    • various cereal establishments.

Radical change

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, in this “summer cottage” district of Paris, it was possible to meet foreigners in expensive coats, ladies from agencies of the category Paris call girls and prosperous onlookers, who come here from all over the world. Here were Hemingway and Picasso, Chagall and Crane, Lenin and Trotsky, other individuals who somehow left their mark on history.

But, as is typical of the ambiguous fate of the town, not only fun rules the ball on its streets. During the Second World War, the tower was seriously inherited. What resembles a nearby cemetery. Nevertheless, today this district of the city district is waiting for its guests with an indescribable hospitality and hospitality. The wounds of wars and revolutions are smoothed over, no one even remembers the former dump - this is one of the legends of the Fifth Republic, a must-see!