The most famous restaurants in Paris

The city has a host of luxurious establishments with high-class cuisine, prim and public, luxurious beauties of the Paris escorts class and exorbitant prices. And next door to them are located quite democratic cozy bistros, where you can enjoy the taste of famous Parisian coffee for literally 1 euro.

Deficit in fashionable and pretentious restaurants in Paris is clearly not felt. Guests here will be offered delicious dishes of French, Mediterranean and world cuisine, will amaze with the flight of the author\'s thoughts, treat you with the works of the currently fashionable molecular gastronomy, surprise with chic interiors. The most famous institutions of the highest level are:

    • Le Trois Carafes in the Parthenon quarter;

    • Boutary in Ryu Mazarin;

Of course, this is not a complete list of luxury catering establishments of the French capital.

In Paris, there are over a thousand cheap bistros and cafes. Including with tables located directly on the street. Here, of course, not to meet celebrities, respectable men in impeccable costumes and dazzling charmers of the Paris escort service category in elegant evening dresses. But in these institutions the real pulse of the city beats, its spirit soars. Here, with a cup of cheap coffee and a croissant, you can immerse yourself in the true spirit of Paris. The most remarkable places of this type:

    • Les Freres Breton on Grenelle Boulevard;

And a lot of institutions with good-quality cuisine, a unique concept of interior design, an atmosphere of comfort and affordable prices.