The most mysterious places of Paris

There is, perhaps, not a single city in Europe that is surrounded by so many legends like Paris. Moreover, the French capital itself seems to have absorbed myths and legends. Many of them are romantic, but there are in Paris, and quite sinister places. And some of the city blocks do have a mystical reputation.

In fact, this settlement is counting its existence much earlier than the era of social consciousness. The only difference is that the Romans who founded Lutetia considered it a puddle - hence the name. It was unlikely that at the wetlands it was possible to meet noble gentlemen, who were carefully supporting the beautiful girls of the category Paris girls escorts, as it happens today.

And the former Celtic village did not have such a favorable geographical location at the crossroads of trade routes. Rather, on the contrary - a small town founded by the Gauls as early as the III century BC, as if eagerly striving to stand on the outskirts of civilization. Most likely it was this circumstance that aroused the genuine interest of all nations. Who just did not want to "count feathers" Gallic rooster:

    • Eternal enemies of the French in the person of neighbors with German roots;

    • militant northeastern neighbors, starting with the Vikings and ending with the Slavic tribes;

    • numerous western enemies who were attracted by the favorable climate, good territorial location and the fruitfulness of the soil.

And this is not to mention the periodic raids of nomadic tribes, the envy of neighbors and tribal differences. Needless to say, such a rich history has led to the fact that almost every region of France has its own unique history, keeping its own secret.

Well, Paris, as the capital of this amazing country, contains in itself the quintessence of all these secrets. Once the trees were very large, and even troops took Paris ...

Let the stars of the world of show business, the most famous people, the dazzling charmer women of the class VIP escort ladies and other celebrities cut through the city. Each representative of the world beau monde has its own secrets that he would not reveal to the first person he met.

Paris is not very fond of revealing its secrets. So many stories have happened in this city that will be enough for a dozen other policies. War, revolution, invasion of foreigners - all this was. And yet, Paris survived. Moreover, each of its districts has retained its unique charm and unique riddles. Those are the secrets that any other European city can hardly boast.