The quintessence of luxury and comfort

It goes without saying that in Paris, which has an enduring reputation as the City of Love, the capital of fashion and a place of pilgrimage for the most sophisticated foodies from all over the world, there is no shortage of luxury hotels that have absorbed all the best features of this magical city.

But even against this background, there is a truly unique place in the French capital. This is the legendary Athena Plaza hotel located in the heart of Paris, in the immediate vicinity of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees.

In addition to its unique location, the Plaza Athénée Paris hotel complex is characterized by truly aristocratic luxury of interior decoration, impeccable level of service and the chic stay of guests. It is not for nothing that royals, members of governments of various states, world celebrities, successful personalities in the company of incredible beauties of the Paris escort service category, respectable couples love to stay here so much.

But not only luxury, chic and high cost of rooms attract wealthy people from all over the world to this hotel. The Plaza Athénée Paris itself is a unique, albeit smaller, model of the French capital. This is facilitated by specially equipped areas:

• a unique courtyard, where all the richness of the history, culture and architecture of Paris is presented in miniature;

• several luxurious restaurants at once, offering guests a full range of all kinds of legendary masterpieces of local culinary delights;

• a variety of regularly held cultural and entertainment programs, ranging from exhibitions of classical art to modern installations, modern discos, installations and other events.

Well, if all these entertainments and service functions are not enough for the visitor of Paris, nothing prevents him from visiting the legendary sights of the city, which are literally within a global reach!

It is clear that the cost of living in this hotel is quite high. On the other hand, it is for this that the wealthy public respects him. A truly aristocratic, somewhat prim atmosphere reigns here. On the other hand, well-trained staff never need to ask unnecessary questions.

This means that it is not customary to check in to the Plaza Athénée Paris alone. As a rule, respectable gentlemen prefer to use the services of dazzling enchantresses of the Paris escort ladies category, who are able not only to cement their leisure time with their radiant smile, but also to play the role of an interpreter, guide, and advisor on various household and organizational issues.

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