Towards the perfect

A couple of minutes ago she was walking along the runway and catching the predatory glances of men, and now you are sitting together in a cozy cafe and enjoying your time. Think this is a fairy tale. Not! This is reality! After all, it is not for nothing that they say that Paris is a place of fulfillment of all cherished desires and secret dreams. And top class escorts Paris will help you in the implementation of all ideas.


Top models escort Paris will make for you an excellent company. They are all good. Choose any, as they say. Spectacular appearance, smart figure, incredible charm. Everything seems to be on the cover of magazines. At the same time, high education (presence of several higher education) will help to be confident in any society. And keeping up a conversation with smart enough people won't be a problem.


Together you can visit any place. Everything again depends on preferences. We advise you to try French cuisine, visiting not only restaurants with a big name and world chefs, but I am ordinary places. The French are still those gourmets, they know a lot about food. Yes, and dinner in the company of the charmer will be one pleasure.


You will be satisfied in every sense of the word. It is worth tasting such dishes as: ratatouille, onion soup, quiche with mushrooms and spinach, confit of rabbit with spices, cordon Blue, beef in Burgundy, Filet mignon with rhubarb, fish pan in Marseille, chicken pate and much more. Arrange your feast belly. This you do not taste anywhere else.


Be sure to visit museums and theaters. Cultural recreation is something that is basically lacking in our society. After all, the heritage of culture delights and will fascinate at all times. For example, the Louvre, the Center Pompidou, the Géries de Pomme, the Opera of the Bastille, the Cabaret. The last vivid example of theatrical life. Flickering of lace garters, a heap of frills and strings of slender legs in stockings will make anyone experience true pleasure. It is organically combined with modern directing and honed choreography.


The acquaintance will leave a pleasant aftertaste, to which you will want to return again in the near future.