Underground Paris

Few people know about it, and recalls reluctantly, but Paris is famous for not only the famous Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Versailles. There is a deep mystery in the very center of the City of Eternal Love in the most literal sense of the word.

Not without reason, not only mediocre tourists, but also respectable gentlemen accompanied by dazzling beauties of the category Paris girls escorts and even representatives of royal families descend into a charming and fascinating dungeon. What kind of secret does all these people go there?

Under the shadow of dreams

The data of inexorable statistics clearly convince us that the first underground railway, dubbed the "Metropolitan", appeared, of course, in London. But few people know that it was the French building, built in some 20 years, for a whole century (and even longer) established the current standards relating to various aspects:

    • high rates of speed;

    • comprehensive safety features;

    • reach maximum radius.

That is why the local “subway” is so visited not only by ordinary citizens. Here, in contrast to the London Underground, you can easily meet a family of Arab sheikhs in characteristic clothes, and successful men in immaculate suits, and dazzling charmer women of class Paris escorts, and world celebrities!

Comfort and availability

The trip here is not cheap. A single ticket can reach a price tag of about two euros. And the daily ticket can even reach 20 units of the common European currency. But, at the same time, the passenger is guaranteed to avoid the eternal capital traffic jams. In addition, the routes themselves are laid not only underground.

The most "curly" views of Paris can be much more impressively viewed from behind the glass of public transport, rather than from a taxi window or a tourist bus. Yes, of course, it’s impossible to look around the Seine from the window of the metro car. Just because the train simply has to “dive” into the underground tunnel. But the views that open up to the passenger, when the composition breaks out, are very expensive!

To this it is necessary to add, only, the speed with which the Parisian subway operates. Vaunted pedantic Englishmen and Germans can only envy their neighbors. And the degree of security here - and completely exceeds all standards, dictating some incredible conditions.