Walking on the Seine

Since time immemorial, people have built their settlements near the sources of fresh water - mainly on the banks of rivers. Paris is no exception. But in the French capital, as in some others, the Seine performs not only the function of providing water, but also serves as a full-fledged transport artery, and is also a popular tourist route.

Walking along the main river on the river tram is a great way to get to know the heart of the legendary city in one and a half hours, to see all of its famous sights. This type of excursion is very popular among ordinary tourists, and among respectable gentlemen, accompanied by dazzling beauties of the Paris call girls class, and even among world celebrities. It is no coincidence that this entertainment industry has received such a powerful development here.

Exactly so - Bateau Bus - Parisians call trams that ply with stops. A unique feature is the ability to reach any of the 8 stops in order to get acquainted in more detail with one of the iconic points:

    • The Eiffel Tower;

    • Notre Dame;

    • Louvre;

    • Champs Elysees.

And other world famous places. After that, the tourist can return to the pier and continue on his way. The ticket is valid 24 or even 48 hours, and the range of movement of boats is only 20 minutes.

More comfortable conditions are provided by river excursion ships, with which you can see all the sights of the central regions in just an hour. This journey is accompanied by a fascinating story of a qualified guide. The ship is equipped with internal and external decks, as well as a comfortable viewing terrace. They are easy to find, as they start straight from the Eiffel Tower.

One of the most refined ways to spend time can be called dinner on a special ship-restaurant. Not only the rich in the company of the Paris girls escorts category of enchantors, but also quite ordinary visitors, and locals seek to look at the beauty of the evening city. There are several price categories of floating restaurants and some of them have a very affordable price.

A leisurely, fascinating, romantic and impressive glide along the water surface is another colorful opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the Megapolis of Love, to touch the world history and culture.