With you the clock stopped

You are a business, confident, held in every sense, perhaps a married man. And you have absolutely no time and opportunity to make a new and exciting acquaintance. Then we will be happy to help you. Escort de luxe is at your service with great pleasure.

Here you will find the current top models flaunting on the covers of glossy magazines; winners of beauty contests on a global scale; Popular TV presenters; actresses and just other media personalities. All our girls are gifted with a dazzling appearance and are pretty smart, which is generally considered a rarity.

This city beckons with its majesty and magnificence. Once here, plunge into it from head to toe. See the sights that have left a significant imprint on history. If you are interested, then you can visit the most popular world museum for free, namely every Sunday. If you suddenly do not understand what it is about, then this is about the Louvre. The Pompidou Center works in much the same way.

As you already understood, Paris has collected the largest number of cultural buildings. Go around as much as possible. For example, the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Champs Elysees, Luxembourg Gardens, Isle of Cite, Place de la Bastille, Pantheon, Arc de Triomphe, Conciergerie and more.

The market in Belleville is considered one of the most famous and ethnically diverse in all of France. Here in an instant you can make a trip around the world. The Chinese, Japanese, Middle Easterners and Africans in colorful robes are purchased here in advance. I would like to note that not only food, but also all sorts of small trinkets can be found here. And what a mixture of alluring aromas: spices, seafood, oils and so on.

In addition to all of the above, we offer you to carefully get acquainted with national cuisine by visiting a restaurant. This unsurpassed country is famous for its exquisite goodies, so it’s a sin not to try something unusual. It has long been a kind of benchmark in the world of culinary art. So trust your taste buds and order something. A glass of sparkling wine will not be superfluous.

Models escort Paris will become indispensable assistants. So your pastime will be at the highest level. This we promise you!