South for sports and the best collections of the Cartier Foundation!

Spring in Paris is an amazing time not only for romantics, but also for those who love active outdoor activities. Even if you come to the capital on a short visit, you should not deprive yourself of the pleasure of a morning jog or active entertainment. If you need a good company at your service VIP escort ladies, beautiful women ready to accompany you on trips around the city, acting as guides, translators and personal assistants.

For those who want to replace leisurely walks with active rest, recommends going to the southern part of Paris on the Island of Leisure on the basis of de Loisirs de Créteil. You will not believe it, but to go sailing or Windsurfing, take a boat ride or go fishing, it is not necessary to go to the province.

A huge area of the Park offers a thousand and one entertainment. With the arrival of spring, you can catch perch, bream, carp and pike, conquer the peaks on a mountain bike, engage in water sports or swimming in a large pool.

If this is not enough in the southern part of the city you will find another Park complex Choisy Paris Val de Marne, where 150 hectares of recreational facilities, there are football fields and Rugby fields, tennis courts, Jogging tracks, a naval base, a picnic lawn and Bicycle paths.

Being in the South of Paris do not forget to visit the unique Foundation "Cartier pour l'art" located in the architectural masterpiece consisting of glass and metal. Under the transparent vaults of the Foundation co-exist absolutely all kinds of artistic activities from cinema, fashion to photography, painting and architecture. In early may, there will be a large solo exhibition dedicated to the work of Yuniya Ishigami, a young but already popular architect from Japan.

The exhibition will feature 20 major projects of the architect in Europe and Asia. You will be able to borrow some of the artist's ideas and for yourself. And after the show to relax in the lush gardens of the Foundation.

South of Paris is not only about sports and contemporary art. This is also a Park for recreation, such as Montsouris, where there is everything you want: unusual trees, a lake, a meteorological Observatory, a pavilion for birds and concerts in the open air.

These are night clubs, bars and restaurants where after the day given to active entertainments it is so pleasant to have a rest in the company of the beautiful woman from escort Paris. Enjoy a delicious meal, listen to music and discuss the vivid impressions of the day. Paris it's different, but attractive appearance.