Walks on night Paris

The capital of France is not without reason shrouded in such a magnificent trail of legends and aura of romantic traditions. Who does not dream to visit this city to see his ingenious architecture, visit numerous theaters or museums, see the works of the greatest geniuses in completely different areas of culture, taste the delights of local cuisine, finally.

But few people know that Paris at night is very different from that glossy portrait on which various guides and handouts insist. No, Paris is not bad at night - it's just different. But, nevertheless - original.

Legs in the foot under a safe hand

It so happened that a visit to Paris by the citizens of the former USSR takes place according to the same organized scheme. Tourists are usually offered to "enjoy" the same "open" species:

But the Capital of Love, as it is customary to call Paris around the world, is not limited to this standard tourist program. And the girls of the category Escort Paris know about this not by hearsay.

Not only that any of them can act as a highly qualified interpreter, she can also boast of impeccable knowledge of the city. Not to mention the fact that the walk in Paris in the company of a charming companion is pleasant in itself.

Well, how can I refuse in the most romantic city of the planet to walk through all its streets, not supporting the dazzling beauty under the elbow. And this is true not only for walking along the legendary streets, but also for visiting theaters, museums, restaurants and a variety of cultural events that are held in Paris literally every day!

How day and night

One can not help but mention that the daily tourist "glossy" Paris is significantly different from the night life of the city. Girls from the agency Paris call girls are able to organize an individual excursion program for each guest, taking into account his tastes and wishes.

Unlike traditional tours and excursions offered by tourist organizations, the romance of Paris at night can be studied either independently or accompanied by a professional guide. A charming smile of the guide, who knows all the secrets of the night life of the French capital, will complement the palette of impressions with even more vivid colors!