Restaurants for "carnivorous"

Despite the high popularity of vegetarian dishes, the capital does not forget the meat lovers, offering a choice of Argentine restaurants, American-style steakhouses, and restaurants equipped with a grill or fireplace to fry a juicy piece of meat right in front of the client. 

And if you belong to this category, we offer a short guide to the most worthy establishments, where meat under various sauces and in different forms is the king of the dining table. 

Those who are not averse to dine at the company of a beautiful lady are recommended to elite girls escort, and the first stop of the meat route will be in the most unique place of the capital Au Boeuf couronné. There are at least a dozen portions of meat on the menu. 

You can choose el pavé des mandataires weighing 300 grams, Chateaubriand des bidochards - 700 grams or a royally generous la côte de bœuf weighing 1.2 kilograms. All ordered dishes are served with delicious potatoes, which you will not find anywhere else in Paris. 

On the top floor is an elegant room for 40 people, for those who plan a satisfying celebration in a pleasant company. 

If you have never tasted exceptional beef from the Limousin region, potatoes from Flanders and real home-made bread, be sure to check out Café du Commerce. Located on three floors and surrounded by greenery, the restaurant offers natural dishes, where the main thing is not spices, but the quality of products brought to Paris from different regions. 

The menu consists of veal pâté from Poitou with fresh herbs, creamy chicken liver, pork lacquered with wine and Lyons home sausage with fried bacon. 

A non-typical for modern restaurants atmosphere of the present Middle Ages offers Nos ancêtres les Gaulois. In translation, the name of the restaurant sounds like "Our ancestors are Gauls", and the interior is fully consistent with the name. 

Long tables, stone walls hung with medieval weapons, iron helmets and hunting trophies, as well as baskets with fresh vegetables and bundles of sausages, massive stone fireplaces in which meat is cooked and impressive barrel of wine. 

What started with the songs in the medieval cellar, today turned into a kind of medieval feast, where the abundance of meat washed down with natural wine, and the ear is sweetened by bards and minstrels. 

And finally, whichever restaurant you choose the best accompaniment than Paris escort, the capital will not be able to offer, especially for real men.