The best souvenirs from Paris

It is quite obvious that any more or less large city of the Earth, in whatever country and on whatever continent it is, has its own individual features, its own aura and unique charisma.
But even against this background, Paris stands out from the general series. How to leave to yourself, your relatives, friends and acquaintances a long memory of visiting the capital of France, which of the many Parisian souvenirs to choose the best?
To lovers of gastronomic delights
For those who like to cook, Paris offers truly undeniable horizons for choosing souvenirs. It is clear that the legendary fresh croissant or a unique espresso with you to your homeland will not be taken away. This can afford only millionaires, accompanied by unearthly beauty  elite girls escort and traveling the world on their own aircraft.
However, for a very reasonable price in Paris, you can buy the following delicacies and ingredients for creating culinary masterpieces:
delicious local wine;
has a unique taste of cheese, the number of species which goes beyond the figure "400";
a real legendary Dijon mustard, a set of spices and spices, in exquisite packaging.
And this - apart from the French olive oil, which has a unique taste and aroma, a huge variety of pates, each of which has its own character, the famous frog legs in a conserved form and so on.
Clothes, perfumes and cosmetics
The capital of France has long earned a reputation as one of the world's leading centers of fashion industry, perfume industry and fashion trendsetter in the field of cosmetics. Including, and therefore, here is the highest concentration of square meters of famous beauties and women of fashion.
Even the seemingly inaccessible because of their unearthly beauty girls from the Paris escort agency do not hesitate to flaunt the streets of Paris in clothes from the latest collections of famous fashion designers.
Lovers of history and culture
World-famous sights of Paris - here they can take a variety of, and sometimes - and fanciful forms. Their miniature and original copies are found literally at every step.
The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe can be designed as a trivial "magnet", or placed as a print on a T-shirt, or represent a highly artistic painting, or a unique piece of jewelry.
And yet, the main souvenir that takes away every guest who has visited Paris is those emotions and impressions that remain indelibly in mind for years to come!