When is the best time to go to Paris

Absolutely unambiguous name the best time to travel to Paris is impossible. The fact is that the capital of France is one of the few cities in the world where the tourist season lasts all year round.

Although it is considered that the best time to visit the City of Love is the period between Easter and mid-September. But you can enjoy historical or cultural monuments, soak up the atmosphere of Paris or make purchases at any other time.

An exception can be considered, perhaps, winter and the beginning of spring, when frequent rains bring quite noticeable dampness to the city. But for someone who does not like crazy crowds of tourists, spring is the best time to visit.

In addition, in the winter-spring period in Paris, the most fashionable shows and glamorous events take place, where you can easily face a celebrity accompanied by an immaculate beauty of the Paris call girls category, or even a representative of royal blood.


High season in Paris

The summer and autumn months, of course, are considered the most favorable time to visit the capital of France. It was at this time that avalanches of tourists and celebrities from around the world rush here.

On the other hand, too warm August often brings exhausting heat to the city. Which, in turn, contributes to the concentration of smog. In addition, on the hottest days, many restaurants, cafes and shops close. In addition, along with the influx of tourists, the prices also increase proportionally.


Autumn in Paris

Many sophisticated tourists claim that the best time to visit Paris is the autumn period. They cite the following arguments:

- after the summer break entertaining facilities open;

- various entertainment, fashion and glamor events are held;

- the city acquires additional colors due to expensive celebrity costumes, dazzling smiles of girls of the Paris escort class, and glitter of chic jewelry.


This is partly true. However, in the fall, the probability of rain increases significantly. However, rain in Paris can go at any time of the year.

Thus, answering the question when it is best to go to the capital of the Fifth Republic, everyone chooses for himself the best option in accordance with their own tastes and preferences. And Paris itself is waiting for its guests at any time of the year and in any weather!