In the footsteps of D'Artagnan and his friends

Who of us did not read the brilliant novel of Alexandre Dumas the elder about the adventures of the Musketeers? The swift action, the bouts with numerous opponents, the jumps, the chases and, of course, the love - all this allowed the writer to turn the exposition of dry historical events into an exciting adventure.

Despite the fact that the characters of the novel Dumas for the most part fictional, its action takes place in a very specific city and in a particular era. And in Paris, indeed, there are many places connected with D'Artagnan and his friends. Go in the footsteps of the legendary musketeers aspire to pass a variety of people - and numerous tourists, and lovers of history and celebrity, accompanied by charming beauties elite girls escort, and even royalty.


Where did the Musketeers live

To begin the journey along the tracks of the heroes of the novel "Three Musketeers" follows, perhaps, from Saint-Sulpice. Close to the temple is adjacent to Rue Servandoni, where the house rises, in which, according to tradition, he rented the housing of D'Artagnan.

By the way, in those days this place was much more gloomy - Mogilshchikov Street. In fact, as historians have established, the real captain of the Musketeer Guard D'Artagnan lived in his own apartments on the Rue du Bac.

Very close, according to historians and novelists, the parallel to the street was the best friend of the literary Gascon, Athos. It's about two small rooms in a neat little house on Rue Ferou. By the way, much later in the same street settled Ernest Hemingway.

On the other side of the temple is the Rue du Vieux Colombier. On it, Dumas "settled" Porthos. Unfortunately, not a single building of that time has survived to this day.

But the place of residence of the romantic and secretive Aramis, in full accordance with the character of the hero, is still unknown.


According to the legendary places

The novel by Dumas Sr. describes a large number of events taking place directly in Paris. And most of the places of action can be completely free to visit. Such a walk will acquire a special charm, if it is accompanied by a charming Paris escort cathegory guide. Fans of the novel can recommend the following noteworthy points:

There are other places to which Dumas's novel is given less importance, and some are even mentioned in passing. Paris contains many secrets and is not in a hurry to immediately disclose to its guests.