Should I go to Paris in winter?

Despite the fact that the high tourist season is traditionally considered to be the summer months, a visit to Paris in the winter has its own charm and a number of advantages. Especially if winter walks around the City of Love are accompanied by a dazzling beauty from the Paris escort class agency, which not only knows the city perfectly but is also able to offer a guided tour of the individual program, taking into account all the wishes of the French capital's guest. What are the main advantages of a winter trip to the legendary world historical, cultural and gastronomic center?


As you know, the climate in France is much more benevolent to man than in most of Russia. Accordingly, the winters in the French capital are much softer and do not interfere with enjoying the beauties and sights of the city. The only thing that can bring certain inconveniences is a short rain. But the umbrella in the hand and the charm of the companion from the agency VIP escort Paris can more than compensate for this little annoying nuisance.

In addition, for people who do not tolerate the heat, which in summer is a very frequent visitor on the banks of the Seine, it is the winter period that is hardly an ideal time for planning a trip. Moreover, Paris is beautiful, romantic and mysterious at any time of the year and in any weather.

Lack of excitement

Since in the winter months throughout Europe there is a significant decrease in the tourist flow, a visit to the French capital in winter entails a calmer and more peaceful environment, devoid of excitement. And this, in turn, means:

It should be noted that in the winter months the cultural life on the banks of the Seine does not freeze at all. Here, all the year round, practically every day significant events of a world scale are held, all museums, theaters and sights are open. And the New Year in Paris - this is really a real fairy tale. Especially if you meet him in a socially charming representative of the agency of professional escort services.