Concerts in Paris

Paris is well known throughout the world not only for its romantic atmosphere and rich historical past. In the capital of France, the concentration of entertainment and cultural attractions is almost a record if compared with other recognized world centers. A very high percentage of cultural institutions make up a variety of concert venues and halls.

Moreover, it is not just about pompous pathos that are visited by various celebrities and rich people in flawless suits accompanied by dazzling girls of Paris girls escort category in breathtaking evening dresses, but also about quite democratic institutions.

Concerts in Paris offer residents and guests of the capital of the Fifth Republic absolutely all kinds of musical palette, teaching them in a variety of formats.


Classical music

Regardless of the time of the year and the season, several dozens of concerts of classical music are held weekly in Paris. Of course, leadership in the classical sector belongs to the world famous "Grand Opera" with its branches and divisions, the Paris Philharmonic and other "monsters". But there are no less remarkable classical concert venues in the city:

And many others. And, even with all the luxury of interiors and the posh of the public - politicians, artists, charming beauties of the category elite escort Paris, the cost of tickets for the concert looks quite affordable, starting at about $ 20.


Contemporary music

Parisians like to call their city "neoclassical." This they emphasize the fact that the capital of France is not frozen in the depths of centuries, covered with dust of past successes and various legends. Fans of various modern musical trends, in addition to nightclubs and bars, are waiting for pleasure for every taste:

the famous concert hall "Bataklan", where performances of artists and groups of almost all musical styles and directions take place;

grandiose and legendary complex "Olympia", in which there were concerts of almost all world stars.

And this - not counting the myriad of smaller sites and not having worldwide fame. A true music lover - from classics and jazz, to techno and alternatives - will definitely find entertainment in Paris at any time of the year.