And let the whole world wait

In the life of every man ever, a situation arises when the presence of a representative of the beautiful half of humanity is simply extremely necessary. It can be anything: a business meeting obliging you to be at it with your soulmate; social party, in which in any case should not appear alone. It also happens that you feel lonely in a big unfamiliar city and you just need a pleasant company.

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To come to Paris and not visit the sights is tantamount to a crime. Just don’t think that their list is limited to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Mandatory supplement this list with new and unusual places. Otherwise, you simply do not know the whole charm of this amazing town. There are a lot of locations. It remains to find time for them and stock up on forces as needed.

With your companion, have lunch or dinner in a cozy restaurant, preferably on the terrace. French cuisine is expensive and deserves loud applause and praise. No wonder all over the world she is recognized as "high."

“Chateau, burgundy and crunch of fresh baguette” is how you can describe everything in brief. Wherever you look everywhere there will be wine. So treat yourself to a glass of sparkling wine. National dishes are quite simple, but too tasty.

You will feel “at ease”, because the girl next to her knows everything. Without any problems, she will act as a guide “will tell and show everything”. Believe me, our beauties still have oratory.

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