Easter holidays

Who said that Easter is only church celebrations, sublime chorals or a fascinating search for Easter eggs. For Parisians, apart from traditional entertainment, warm holidays are new and original excursions, nights in museums, merry fairs and even spectacularly chilling spectacles. 
And if you like a genre like "horror", then get ready, bloodthirsty rabbits arrive in Manoir de Paris, the former residence of the eponymous count, the passionate collector of monsters.
These days you will see the most charming and grandiose spectacle that will bring back to life 17 legends, dark stories of the city of light, among them the Phantom of the Opera, a man in an iron mask, the hunchback of Notre Dame and many others. Going to the interactive tour, do not forget about the good company in the person of the charming companion of the agency. Elite Paris escort is not only a worthy escort, but also a personal interpreter, personal assistant or companion.
In addition, there is a unique chance to feel strong and brave, protecting the beautiful lady from the horrifying horrors prepared by the organizers of the unusual tour. In the performance of thirty professional comedians, long-forgotten stories will come to life, and the path of the excursionists will take place in the most sinister places of the French capital, including a haunted house, the notorious Royal Hôtel Paradis, the ghost residence, the Pere 
Lachaise cemetery and the gloomy dungeon. Chills and pleasure are guaranteed.
If you do not like horror - switch to a comedy and discover a bit of Broadway in the heart of Paris. Theater Mogador invites everyone to a colorful show, a successful musical comedy of the 70's Grease, which won thousands of fans in many countries around the world. 
In addition to an interesting spectacle, you will find quite comfortable rest in specially assigned lodges, as well as the cosiness and amazing cuisine of the restaurants of the theater.
Traveling through the festive city accompanied by VIP escort ladies, do not forget about the special menus and entertainments organized in the best restaurants of the city. For example, on the occasion of a holiday, Royal Monceau serves thin oysters with a special marinade, black angus steak or salmon culibiac. 
And for sweet Easter eggs with chocolate cream and vanilla from Madagascar, eggs Mogador with milk chocolate and passion fruit, and Plaisir Sucré with hazelnuts and milk chocolate.As always, Easter holidays promise to be tasty and interesting.