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Geographically limited human population, even with a relatively large population, is doomed sooner or later to set foot on the path of degeneration. Therefore, a large, extensive, exciting a huge number of peoples and territories migration of people is the basis of human development.

Today, the development and availability of various transport allows to provide the necessary mobility at the micro level, however, only a few centuries ago the independent transfer to anything considerable distance was considered of little and very difficult to ongoing projects - in those days needed mobility wars and provide all sorts of social and natural disasters.

Especially getting the European continent, whose own resources are very limited and required a lot of effort for production - numerous military expeditions brought the captives, but sometimes ended in and invasions, especially from the northeast.

Due to such a high and constant mixing of different nations appeared breed really looks beautiful people in Europe, and she got so widespread that even the Inquisition was not able to do anything with it - so modern VIP escort ladies is one of the most important tourist attractions, providing the continent year-round uninterrupted flow of people.

However, Europe is a great and unconditional palm among the respective companies for a long time deservedly holds the Paris call girls. This is due not least the fact that for a long time Paris thoroughly shaped the reputation of not only French but also European Capital of beauty with some claims to status as a world fashion capital.

The beauty of the Parisian women as a result of this long since become not only a recognized fact, but also a kind of axiom, which further increased the flow of tourists who want to explore not only the architectural landmarks and touch the history of the city, but also to be in society, the best representatives of the European escort service, the more that is the beginning of the holidays in France has every right to life, especially if the arrival in Paris was preceded by a long and exhausting road that can completely enjoy all the mental and physical strength.