Pioneers of the night!

Even at night, not all the capital is sleeping, until the morning, not only restaurants operate in it. So if suddenly you have a tobacco stop, urgently need drugs or a newspaper, you need a company, or a glass of alcohol, there is always a place where even at three o'clock in the morning you can ask for help. 

In the capital everything is possible even in the case of original and unforeseen circumstances, such as urgently solving a computer problem, sending a message to a friend by mail, ordering VIP escort ladies or home food and drinks. 

Well, if you decide to spend the darkest time of the day in a bar, we offer a short list of the most interesting places in the eastern district of Paris. 

Cocktail Bar: La Fée verte is an excellent place for drinkers with a very dubious past. As you guessed, we are talking about absinthe, here it should be eaten in moderation, since it can reach as high as 72 degrees. A nice addition to cocktails is a meal that is served in large quantities and a pleasant company. 

Fans of beer and music should look into the trendy tavern UDO, which specializes exclusively in German beer, appetizing sausages Currywurst and no less popular than in Germany, the alcoholic beverage jägermeister. Decorated in a minimalist style, the bar attracts not so much food, as a variety of themed musical nights and incendiary parties, which sometimes last until the morning. 

No less popular with fans of modern music and bar L'International, which, almost every evening, spoils its visitors with a new music program. Here you can hear everything from hip-hop to post-hardcore grunge, and do not be surprised if at a party, then the French-Israeli space duo, the popular Chinese band, or important guests from London. 

However, the atmosphere is always festive, drinks are abundant and the public is the most fashionable in Paris. If there is a desire, spend an enjoyable evening with a charming girl, use the services of escort Paris, but the most interesting places for night vigil are: 

bar Montreuil, the site of the most fashionable night parties 

La Pêche bar with an abundance of booze and live music, as well as popular concerts in the city 

Le Chinois is an unusual place without a flashy signboard, but with an excellent bar, electronic music and dancing until the morning. 

To ensure that you do not choose, we are sure that the night time will not be wasted