Famous restaurants

Unfortunately, the menu of most restaurants, regardless of the degree of their stardom, opposite the dishes offered, do not indicate the number of calories. 

Which complicates the choice, especially if you have planned a luxurious dinner, for example, in the company of a charming lady from VIP escort ladies and at the same time expect not only to have a good time, but also not to hurt your health. 

Therefore, for adherents of rich vegetarian cuisine, elite service and fans of a healthy lifestyle, we offer several famous restaurants in Paris that fully meet the above requirements. 

Foucade House harmoniously combines pleasure for the body and well-being for the spirit. Each of the dishes is made from seasonal products, unrefined and unprocessed, from plants and spices for flavoring, with additives of oils, vegetable milk, wholemeal without gluten and does not contain gelatin and animal additives. 

Unique confectionery products can be enjoyed during the day in a cozy tea room. At noon, the store becomes a restaurant offering gourmet food for vegetarians. On Saturdays you will find a brunch with grinol, fluffy pancakes and fresh juices. 

LadurĂ©e Royale is a famous tea house, founded in 1862 with a wooden decoration and original frescoes, showing on the ceilings the ballet of confectionary angels and sweet muses. 

The menu changes in the rhythm of the seasons and offers simple but delicious delicacies. Fans come to enjoy the best pasta in the city, stuffed croissants and other sweets that are part of the great baked tradition of Laduri. 

And for those who want to combine luxury, exquisite interior and a rich vegetarian menu, we offer a unique restaurant, a few steps from the Champs-Elysees Le 39V. Connoisseurs call it a refuge for peace on the rooftops of Paris in the heart of the famous Golden Triangle. 

Accompanied by Paris escort, you will have an unforgettable evening. Stylish interior in a daring combination of glass, wood and metal, confidential terraces for an aperitif in the fresh air, an eclectic menu, a rich wine list of alcoholic beverages of France's most beautiful wineries. 

This place will allow you not only to enjoy a wonderful evening, but also to appreciate the gastronomy and lifestyle of modern France.