French Courtesans

You might not have ever had the opportunity to ask, "How do you call a French courtesan?" But if you are planning on visiting the often scandalous city of Paris one evening, and you are a lady of taste, you might be glad to know that you really should. While you might be hard-pressed to find anyone in the city who would be happy to tell you their business name, there are certain people you should definitely call before taking a break. First, you should definitely call a French courtesan to find out if she can set your hair for free. Secondly, you should call a French courtesan to find out what their advice on the best wine is. And thirdly, if you are in Paris and you want to buy a new diamond ring, you should definitely call a French courtesan.
While there may be some embarrassment at being called by a "cousin," it is better than having no contact with the person at all. Courtesans are often referred to as "street walkers" or "bar girls." However, this is only because the term "courtesan" means "a female who works in the bawling brothels." This type of reference is widely accepted in Paris, and many of the city's most famous and attractive women advertise themselves as courtesans on their own websites.
When you decide to make the call, it will be to your benefit to use a credit card. While many people think this type of service is impersonal, it is not. The Parisian escort ladies are very accustomed to customers calling the "phone book" and leaving a message that simply says: "Please provide me with your address." Instead of waiting for an answer, the girls will give the caller a call.
Do not be intimidated when calling the number. The girls on the phone will be friendly and quite attentive. As you probably imagine, they work very hard and make a lot of money. Therefore, they would appreciate if you paid them a bit more attention. You may even want to offer them something, such as a free drink or dinner.
In general, you will not need to have the girl's number clear at first. She might become curious and want to know why you would be calling her. If she seems nervous, have her sit down next to you while you call. This way, she will feel more at ease. Try to avoid making all the calls at once; let each girl give you a call one at a time so that you can each get a chance to know her.
The girls generally charge per minute. Therefore, the longer the conversation goes on, the more you will pay for her time. However, in general, you would not pay much more than ten or twenty dollars per minute. In most cases, the older the girl is, the more expensive your call will be. However, younger women are generally affordable.
If you are interested in learning how to talk to French courtesans, you can use the internet to find such individuals. There are many websites that have information about such things. Online dating sites also have a section for phone calls. Make sure that the people you are chatting with are genuine before you reveal your details online.
When making phone calls to people, never include any extra words or phrases in the conversations. Only use your normal language when conversing with the person. Even though you might not be able to understand what they are saying, it does not matter. As long as you respect their privacy and do not reveal anything, you will have no problem talking to them. In fact, most people find having phone calls with people from France exciting.