Enjoying the French Cuisine

In France, cooking with alcohol is a common practice. One of the most famous dishes is chicken, and you can try all the flavors of this dish while you're in the country. As a tourist, you should try all the French dishes to get a full experience of the country's cuisine. Eating the traditional dishes of a country is a great way to experience its culture, and it can make for some wonderful memories!
'Gastronomic meal' is a social occasion
The 'gastronomic meal' is a customary social event in French cuisine that is inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It consists of several activities, from selecting the dishes to purchasing local goods. It can also involve specific actions like tasting the food and pairing it with wine. 'Gastronomic meal' has become a social occasion in France, with the government supporting the tradition.
The structure of a 'Gastronomic meal' is meant to emphasise the good quality of the ingredients and the pairing of flavours. In addition, the host may call upon a repertoire of codified recipes to honour the shared vision of a good meal. Although the authors of the article do not mention specific recipes, they do claim that the list is constantly growing. It is important to note that French gastronomy is a culturally-specific event, so its rules may vary slightly across countries.
It's a popular topic of discussion
Enjoying the French cuisine is a popular subject of conversation. The French love to talk about their food, and it often dominates discussions of other cuisines. French food, though, is not without merit, and the country is proud of its culinary traditions. Here are a few facts about the French culinary culture. You might be surprised by what you learn. If you are curious about French cuisine, keep reading!
It's a delicacy
Eating salted meat is fun, especially at a brasserie. The better brasseries will even add the seasonings in your presence. Salted meat has its origins among the Tatars of Central Asia, who rode horses with the salted meat tucked under the saddles. They believed this made the meat tender and rid it of excess blood. As a result, this dish has become a delicacy in French cuisine.
Snails are often considered similar to chicken, and they feature regularly in Asian cooking. In China, snails are deep-fried and served in soup, while in France, they are commonly served fried and seasoned with garlic. In France, snails are known as escargots, and more people eat them than in any other country. In France, they're more common as food than they are in other countries, and the snails are wild rather than bred.
It's a social occasion
The French eat three square meals a day, with lunch and dinner alternating at 8 and 9 pm. Lunchtime has become less social in many parts of France, with some choosing to simply eat a sandwich for a quick break. However, the evening meal remains a social occasion. French cuisine is rich in flavors and dishes and is a pleasure to sample. Drinks, too, are a big part of the French experience. The country exports wine, beer, and alcoholic beverages.