Friendly company

Each nation has its own priorities for recreation. Well, as for the French, in the summer they prefer luxurious park areas, a company of beautiful women as a prestigious Paris girls escort, fine food and certainly good wine. However, there is no nation that does not like this, just Parisians have a little more opportunities to use all the components of excellent rest at the same time.

And if you were thrown into Paris, why not join in and have a great time in the places where the capital residents prefer to rest.

If you do not mind walking - choose any of the many parks of the capital. Fans of the original landscapes, prefer Buttes Chaumont, which owes its origin to Napoleon III, who decided to turn old careers into a marvelous garden.

To create artificial creeks, a grotto decorated with false stalactites, waterfalls and a central island, the emperor needed 3 years of hard work and a lot of dynamite, but you will have the opportunity to walk along a suspension bridge, climb into the small Sibyl temple on the top of the island or relax under cedars from Lebanon.

In the evening, visit the fabulous chalet Rosa Bonheur in the heart of the park. "Bonheur" means happiness that can be found here on a bright starry night, when outside the tables where large plates with delicious food and a variety of cocktails are gleaming, a friendly company is going to listen to music, chat and dance.

Equally popular among the people of Paris is the Bois de Boulogne, which is similar, on average, to a forest state. The former hunting grounds of kings still retain the virgin beauty of medieval nature. And how pleasant it is to feel yourself in the role of a monarch making horseback walks in the dew-washed morning forest.

It is unlikely that you will get the opportunity to hunt, but certainly worth a visit to the authentic Swiss chalet Le Chalet des Îles, which the same Napoleon presented his wife Empress Eugenia. It was dismantled before being reinstalled on the island in Boulogne.

Now it is a hotel, which can be reached in 30 seconds by boat, and at the same time a restaurant that will not leave you indifferent. With its forest terraces, the charm of the countryside in the heart of Paris and night meals with music.

When the weather spoils in the central hall, the fireplace lights up. In the atmosphere of warm tones of decor, comfortably crackle in the fireplace logs, pianoforte and in the company of a beautiful companion Paris escort service chalet turns into a real hunting lodge.

Well, what can I say, besides the fact that Parisians are able to rest.