Restaurant history of Paris

The word "restaurant" is so firmly embedded in our usual vocabulary that we do not ask a lot about its origin. Meanwhile, catering establishments of this format are a purely French invention. Yes, and the word itself, its designation, if you listen, sounds with a clearly Parisian proneness.

To some it may seem surprising, but the first restaurants appeared in Paris in the second half of the 18th century. Their predecessors were quite dirty taverns. Of course, it was impossible to meet rich noblemen in them. Today, in the capital of France, there are about a hundred prestigious restaurants, in which successful men hold themselves a "feast of the stomach", accompanied by girls of the Paris escort class, dazzling with their beauty.

And then these taverns were equipped with rough wooden tables, constantly dirty, and the visitor, glancing at his misfortune, often could not get even cutlery. Just in view of their absence.

                                                                                   Evolutionary transformations


All this naturally led to the fact that more or less wealthy Parisians preferred to order food at home. Accordingly, the owners of the taverns began to incur very significant financial losses. To avoid this, representatives of the public catering radically began to reconsider the very concept of their establishments. For this, the following measures had to be taken:

completely change the menu;

give maximum attention to the level of service and comfort;

carefully approach the interior design.

At first, the most common dishes in the former taverns were the classic French broth, as well as some dishes from meat and ... from eggs. According to the official version, the first truly chic restaurant appeared in Paris in 1765. It was located on Rue de Poulie, near the Louvre.

But the forerunner of the gastronomic glory of the city was the former English tavern in the Palais de Royal. This institution, having passed the "restyling" in 1786, successfully operates in our days. It amazes with its luxury, impeccable suits of men and beauties from Paris escort service agencies in chic evening gowns.

Today, Parisian restaurants - this is an entire industry, with its own laws, rules and complex etiquette. Visiting the majority of them noticeably hits the average citizen's pocket of any country. But the impressions, the delicacy of the dishes and the uniqueness of the atmosphere are really worth the money!