European Disneyland

The famous Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Batman and other superheroes of American comic books are quite comfortable in the vastness of Europe. If it's, of course, the European Disneyland!

One of the most incredible shows on this huge venue is a bright, spectacular and literally "dazzling" fashion show, in which the best models of the category escort Paris take part, which once again draws an elegant line under the ornate legend of the Capital of Maud.


Democratic fairy tale

It would seem that between the boring concept of "democracy" and the joy of "fairy tales" an irresistible chasm is laid. However, in the European Disneyland, everything can turn from a very unusual angle. Especially if a guest of the French capital is accompanied by a charming escort ladies, which greatly enhances the knowledge of a particular object and evokes the envious glances of others.

Here people can visit the sites offering absolutely incredible entertainment:



There is another mystery of Disneyland in Paris. Locals secretly say that closer to the night, guests are fascinated by the dazzling beauties of Paris escort ladies, in breathtaking dresses of haute couture. And men in suits, perfectly seated on a figure admire traditional dances. They say that even stars dance here, inviting ladies from the Milky Way ...

Let the European Disneyland and inferior to its "ancestor" in terms of area, but it has its own "zest". It is not in the universal scope, not in gigantomania and not in the desire to "ruffle" the whole world. Paris Disneyland really creates the impression of a certain coziness, coexistence, although it is located on a fairly large open area. There is a place for both children and adults!