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Although the first man appeared on the African continent during the history of the planet, and even the first civilization emerged there as well as in Asia, after a few thousand years at the head of world civilization has arose in northern Europe on the ruins of the once great Roman Empire.

From the perspective of historical trends in this there is nothing surprising - have arisen in the subtropical conditions of civilization set foot on the path of decline as soon as the external enemies coming to an end or the search for new so stretched the boundaries of empires, that management has lost its effectiveness. In the north of the European continent, the very nature constantly come into confrontation with the man, causing him to evolve and grow over a non-stop, with a relentlessly discarded his family over time.

Echoes of the long war with nature can still be seen in the human population of northern Europe, but the true crown and concentrate their implementation was France, which not only has identified the light in their women the results of centuries of selection, but also for many years worked purposefully over science and beauty He has achieved impressive success in it. That is why the elite girls escorts claim to be complete sights of Paris along the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower.

However, in contrast to the more traditional tourist attractions, flooded a guidebooks and tourist brochures around the world, VIP escort ladies are attracted not only those who travel for leisure during the holidays, but some part of those who lead the French capital working trip to the interests of business.

Historically, the modern French capital is at the intersection of a large amount of financial flows, covering not only France or Europe, but going out beyond the continent and overcoming the ocean. This leads to Paris a large number of businessmen of different levels, but not every company can afford to send a large delegation to Paris and give it quite comfortable movement and residence in the city.

On the one hand, it is quite expensive, on the other - makes tear a large number of employees from work. Paris escorts can be a solution to the problem - it is easy bringing a delegation to an impressive size and giving it solidity and respectability of its excellent appearance.