Portion of African passion

Words are not the only way to communicate. Send and receive information can be through painting and music, architecture and dance. And there is nothing more international than food, through which you can make a trip to any part of the world. 

And if you have never tried Rugeys sausages or tortoiseshells with pink berries, exquisitely cooked eggs of ostrich or something more than exotic - a pilgrimage to distant shores can be accomplished and, without leaving Paris. 

Take as an elite girls escorts a stunningly beautiful woman and set off with the first stop in the heart of hot Africa. Steel beams and wooden ceiling, rough formwork and bulky shutters of the Waly-Fay restaurant hide the temple of the soul of the "black continent" cooking. The menu offers dishes prepared according to the Senegalese, Cameroonian and Ivorian recipes. 

Traditional African ndolé, chicken yassa, Cameroonian fish soup and wild shrimp from Nigeria with ginger sauce, fried bananas and grapes marinated in rum. Sensory atmosphere, not dictated by marketing, but only common taste and universal customers, representing the elite of the world of fashion, art and politics. 

Having tasted a bit of African passion, our way lies on the island of Mauritius, lost in the Indian Ocean, which in Paris represents the restaurant Comme sur une île, a mixture of Indian, Creole and Chinese cuisine. Everything is like on an island, fried mines and octopus, tuna, poultry, and on a sweet cream-brulee with coconut milk or crispy bananas with vanilla ice cream. Invariably fresh products, the right balance of spices and an explosion of flavors under exotic sprawling palms. 

And complete a small trip with a beautiful lady representing the Paris escort service, we offer on the small island of Reunion, which for its entire history has experienced 100 eruptions, the only volcano on the island. The restaurant Aux Petits Chandeliers representing the island offers a special cuisine where you can taste sweet potatoes with cane juice, fried camaron, chicken "Saint-André", fresh exotic fruits with rum or vanilla, Creole sorbet or vanilla coffee with cane sugar. 

This is not all restaurants that delight visitors with rare exotic, but visiting them, you will expand the boundaries of taste and can say with certainty that you have tried something special in your life that goes beyond the traditions and taste sensations, even if you are accustomed to dining in five-star restaurants the best chefs in the world